"ELA offers excellent balance between scholarly discourse and practitioner-oriented materials for attorneys and administrators at the public school and college university levels."

–Joseph C. Beckham, J.D., Ph.D.

"ELA’s annual conference offers a great opportunity to hear presentations on cutting-edge issues from the nation’s top authorities in education law. You will also get to meet many of the nation’s leading scholars and attorneys who work in this field. I first began attending ELA’s conferences when I was a young attorney practicing education law in Alaska. Since then I have become a professor of education law, and the ELA conferences are just as important to me as a professor as they were when I was a practicing lawyer."

–Richard Fossey, J.D., Ed.D.

"I joined ELA as a graduate student and now make a point of telling my students about ELA. I look forward to the conferences each year as they always provide the most current information on a variety of school law issues and provide an opportunity to hear from leaders in the field. I especially appreciate getting to hear from academics, attorneys, and administrators. Sharing ideas with folks from multiple perspectives is what makes an ELA conference so uniquely valuable. It’s easily the best conference I attend each year. I wouldn’t miss it."

–Julie Mead, Ph.D.

"I joined NOLPE in 1994 and immediately was impressed with the rich discussions among school administrators, school law professors and school attorneys. I know part of the success [in my career] is due to my learning’s at ELA seminars and conferences."

–Kathie Crume, M.A.

"I attribute the vast majority of success I have had in my career to the connections I have made through ELA. This is an incredibly welcoming and collaborative environment. Regardless of career phase or constituency, all members are valued...."

–Joy Blanchard, Ph.D.

"ELA is the one annual conference I attend where I ALWAYS learn something new! The conferences are extremely substantive, and the participants are so welcoming of new members. I’m very proud to be associated with this organization."

–Martha McCarthy, Ph.D.

"I joined NOLPE in 1983 with the encouragement of my doctoral chair Nelda Cambron McCabe. ELA has been a great asset in the various educational positions that I have held--public school principle, superintendent, parochial administrator, and university professor. The conferences and the publications have been excellent. As an administrator, the collaboration/networking between school attorneys, university professors, and fellow school administrators has been outstanding."

–William Shula