"During the past two decades education administrators have been charged with implementing a vast new array of laws. For that reason the annual ELA conference had become the most valuable meeting a school administrator can attend. This conference attracts the top people in the field of school law and thus an attendee is presented with the latest and the best information available on what is required under current law."

–Allan Osborne, Ed.D., Retired Principal

"Legal issues in education have been a profound impact and shaped education policy and practice. Over the 35years of my career, the Education Law Association is the only learned society in education where the implications of legal decisions and laws are the primary focus. The association also brings educators, lawyers, administrators and policy makers to the discussion. The annual conference is a forum where research and policy analysis of these legal issues can be fully explored."

–Robert Hendrickson, Ed.D.

"My first ELA conference was in 1979, and since then I have only missed one, In all those years, I have seldom been to a session within those conferences where I didn’t learn something. As a practicing administrator (principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent), conference participation developed my knowledge base in school law; it spurred my later interest in becoming both a university professor and a school board attorney. Participation in ELA and its conference has brought me many professional relationships as well as many of my closest friends."

–David Dagley, Ph.D., J.D.

"Shortly after finishing my doctorate at Duke University, where my mentor was the late professor E.C Bolmeier, one of the founding members of NOLPE (ELA), I joined our organization. Over the past forty years, I have never once been disappointed in the quality programs and services made available to me and my colleagues in ELA. Also, my graduate students in education law at the master’s and doctoral levels have, over the years, consistently relied on the comprehensive research materials published by ELA to complete legal commentaries, term papers, and dissertations. ELA has been and remains this country’s leading education law association."

–Richard S. Vacca, Ph.D.

"I [have] found such gracious and knowledgeable school attorneys and educators that I have felt at home. Surely, I learned from these colleagues over the years. More importantly, I gained life-long friends that I cherish and I always looked forward to “same time, next year”- or the ELA conference."

–Jim Ullman, Attorney