ELA Officer And Director

ELA Officer And Director

Nominate a colleague for the ELA Board. The form is at the bottom of this page.

2019 Deadline: APRIL 25, by or before 4 p.m. EDT


• The individual must be an ELA member in good standing and will have a number of responsibilities throughout his or her appointment.

• The individual must have exhibited a personal commitment to ELA (e.g., long-standing membership, regular attendance at conferences, contributions to ELA publications, recruitment of new members, presentations at conferences/seminars, or other ways that demonstrate support for ELA activities).

• The individual must have demonstrated leadership in education law. The individual must be able to devote the time, talent, and energy required for the position.

• Please include name, address, phone number, and email address of the nominee, as well as a description of how the nominee meets the criteria. Nominators must include their own name and contact information as well.

Officer & Director Responsibilities

Board members should be expected to spend about 6-8 hours per month on ELA board-related activities.

Provide complete contact information to the ELA office, including home & cellular contact information.

Contribute to the ELA Annual Development Fund or special fund raising activities.  It is encouraged that board members contribute to the Legacy Fund or make an annual donation of at least $250/year.  If a board member is not able to contribute, s/he is encouraged to find a minimum $250 new sponsor for the conference program.  

Complete the information ELA needs to place you on the Specialty Contact List for media purposes, volunteering for at least one media/inquiry specialty category.

Attend all ELA board meetings as follows:

Two meetings during the annual conference, one held the day prior to the conference and one held immediately following the conference, unless otherwise notified in advance of any change in day or time.

One mid-year meeting in May or June: The cost to attend ELA board meetings are at the Board Member’s expense; travel and usually two nights’ lodging (for each meeting), and meals needed that are not during the actual meeting.  If your employer does not pay for your travel, you will still be expected to attend the two meetings each year.

Serve a full three-year term (four-year term for executive committee service).

Recruit at least three new members during each three-year term of board service.

Introduce or promote ELA during related activities and conferences.

Serve on and actively participate in at least one ELA committee

Be an active participant in the group on LinkedIn or Facebook. LinkedIn Profile Complete & Joined LinkedIn Group. First discussion postingcompleted within one month of beginning service. Board members are asked to participate in other ELA social media: Facebook, Twitter.

Participate in at least 75% of Board of Director telephone conference calls and Board of Director email and listserv discussions. The ELA Executive Committee will likely have monthly conference calls. The full ELA  Board of Directors will likely have monthly conference calls.
Review and sign ELA Board of Director Expectations Agreement.

Within two weeks of commencing board service, ALL board members are expected to:

        Read the ELA Constitution and Bylaws
        Read the ELA Strategic Plan
        Read Board Meeting Minutes from previous year
        Review ELA website
        Review, complete, and sign conflict of interest disclosure form and other corporate policies as applicable.

Within four weeks of commencing board service, ALL board members are expected to:

        Create or update any biographical information related to work or other organizations so that your position in ELA is added or updated.
        Create or update your LinkedIn profile and join the ELA Group on LinkedIn.
        Be in contact with other members of the committee in which you are participating.

At least once during your term as a board member: write or co-write with a non-board member one ELIP article (West’s Education Law into Practice).


Preparation for Mid-Year Meeting:
        Submit reports, agenda items, and proposed amendments to the by-laws not later than ten days prior to the meeting

Preparation for Annual Conference:
        Register not later than thirty days prior to the conference
        If a presenter, will register early and meet all deadlines as set by the conference committee.


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