Benefits of Belonging

Benefits of Belonging

ELA's sample resources for members are for informational and educational purposes only and should in no way be considered legal advice.



This special section of West's Education Law Reporter is sponsored by the Education Law Association and published for members and library subscribers ELA's periodicals. ELIP resources are peer-reviewed scholarly articles with a practical focus for practitioners and are contributed by noted experts on a broad range of education law topics.

Here are some samples:


Trunk, D., Russo, C. & Osborne, A., Preventing Tragedies Before They Occur: The Need for Suicide Prevention Programs in Schools, 339 Educ. L. Rep. 1 (2017), 53(1) ELA Notes 13 (2018-Q1-2).

Free Speech

Fossey, R., Eckes, S. & DeMitchell, T., "Stupid but Constitutional": Courts Continue to Limit Teachers' Curricular-Related Speech, 342 Educ. L. Rep. 880 (2017), ELA Notes 9 (2018-Q2-2).


Zirkel, P., An Updated Comprehensive Comparison of the IDEA and Section 504/ADA, 342 Ed.Law Rep. 886 (06/29/17), ELA Notes 15 (2018-Q3-3)342 Ed.Law Rep. 886 (06/29/17), ELA Notes 15 (2018-Q3-3).

Safety and Security

Russo, C., Eckes, S. & Osborne, A., Schools and the Legalization of Marijuana: An Emerging Issue, 343 Ed.Law Rep. 647 (07/27/17), ELA Notes 11 (2018-Q3-2).

Special Education

Decker, J. & Hurwitz, S., Post-Endrew Legal Implications for Students with Autism, 344 Ed.Law Rep. 31 (08/10/17), ELA Notes 7 (2018-Q3-1).

Russo, C., Osborne, A. & Dolph, D., Record-Keeping for Students with Disabilities, 318 Educ. L. Rep. 616 (2015), 51(4) ELA Notes 20 (2016-Q4-4).

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Osborne, A. & Russo, C., A School Board’s Obligation to Provide Accommodations So Students with Disabilities Can Effectively Participate in Extracurricular Activities, 322 Educ. L. Rep. 1 (2015), 52(1) ELA Notes 11 (2017-Q1-2).


ELA periodically produces webinars for members at no additional charge. Non-members may attend ELA webinars at a cost. Select webinars are archived for ELA members to view and learn at their leisure.

Posted below is a video from the late Professor David Schimmel of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, who gifted his entire series to ELA. The series is posted as part of in our webinar archive for members.

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Due to copyright and other issues, the link(s) to these webinars should not be shared electronically. 


Schimmel headshot

Video posted with permission to ELA

Introduction to School Law

By UMASS Prof. Emeritus David Schimmel


Comm w the press webinar

ELA Webinar

Communicating with The Press
Originally presented 4-11-2018

By Peter Fagen & Terilyn Finders
Fagen Friedman Fulfrost, LLP

Case Commentary

[22-Mar2018] Friedenberg v. School Board of Palm Beach County: Does Suspicionless Drug Testing of Applicants for Substitute Teacher Positions Violate the Fourth Amendment Rights of the Applicants?

By Robert C. Cloud, Richard Fossey, and Clifford Harbour

[23-May2018] State of Arizona v. Maestas, 394 P.3d 21 (Ariz. Ct. App. 2017) : Medical Marijuana on College Campuses
By Richard Fossey, Dawn M. Broussard, and Robert C. Cloud

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